All the following menus are just samples, we will be happy to offer you more choices. Please contact Virginie Leplus, she will work with you on a personalized menu.

***Hors-d’oeuvres samples***


  • Ginger tuna tartar on crisp wonton

Tuna tartar on crisp wonton with mago salsa

  • Coriander, lime and           lemongrass marinated shrimp
  • Red snapper ceviche served in a spoon with a plantain chip

Cold watermelon shot, Lamb meat balls, Salmon tartar with wasabi eggs

  • Cucumber sliced with a mango lobster salad
  • Mini crab cakes with bérnaise sauce
  • Red snapper, ginger fish cake with cilantro sauce
  • Cold watermelon soup shot with crab meat and cilantro
  • Herbed crepe roulade with cream cheese, radishes and smoked salmon
  • Endive boat with smoked trout mousse
  • Seared rare sesame tuna on wonton crackers with light wasabi sauce
  • Dill pancake with salmon caviar and lemon creme fraiche
  • Moroccan salmon skewer with citrus sauce


  • Chicken satay skewer with coconut lightly spicy peanut sauce
  • Melon wrapped prosciutto with balsamic glaze
  • Parmigiano and arugula wrapped in prosciutto
  • Coriander marinated beef with fragrant sauce
  • Lightly spicy lamb meat ball with an herbed yogurt sauce

Spicy lamb meat balls with herbed yogurt sauce and basil flower

  • Soy and garlic marinated skirt steak with horseradish sauce
  • Mini quiche with ham
  • Seared vodka marinated tenderloin  on toast with salsa verde
  • Ham and cornichon on buttered canapés
  • Gingered chicken cakes with coriander lime mayonnaise
  • Jerk chicken on tostones


  • Empenadas (vegetarian or meat)
  • Summer rolls (vegetarian or shrimp or pork)
  • Soba noodles with sesame ginger dressing
  • Fresh mini veggies salad in shot glass with soy ginger dressing
  • Cherry tomato, mozzarella, sundried tomato skewer
  • Fresh corn cake topped with a tropical fruit salsa

Lobster salad on fresh corn cake

  • Seared cumin tofu on a bed of mushroom puree topped with a coriander sauce
  • Tofu and vegatables skewers with cinnamon soy glaze
  • Mini mushroom pie with parmegiano cheese
  • Provencal toast – tomatoes, capers, garlic, anchovies and basil
  • Tapenade and goat cheese toast
  • Potato latkes with sour cream and apple sauce
  • Watermelon, feta and mint skewer
  • Eggplant crisps with roasted cherry tomato and mozzarella bite
  • Celeriac and potato pancakes with apple onion compote
  • Lima beans falafel with tahini
  • Fontina cheese mini risotto ball
  • Roasted root vegetable skewer with Italian dipping sauce

Assorted hors-d'oeuvres








***9 Courses passed appetizer size plates dinner***

Cold watermelon soup with cilantro and feta cheese in a small shot glass

Red snapper fish cake with a light lemon wasabi crème served with green papaya salad on a shell

Seared fois gras with grape port sauce, hazelnut savory biscotti

Mixed mushroom risotto with white truffle oil

Sliced seared duck breast with a sun-dried cherry sauce on a celery root puree

Mini crudite in individual glass with roasted red pepper, feta and mint dressing

Short ribs braised in coffee ancho chile sauce served with creamy polenta and green beans bites

Bread pudding with crème anglaise

Bittersweet chocolate mousse on chocolate sponge cake soaked in kirsch syrup with a crunchy wafers and praline base

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